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Primos Trigger Sticks

Primos Trigger Sticks

Whenever possible, taking a rested shot is always best for accuracy, especially if it’s at a tricky angle and/or at distance. Shooting sticks have been around for many a moon and to begin with we had basic DIY homemade jobbies made out of lengths of wood, which worked. Then the industry came in with all sorts of models and options, such as height-adjustable configurations of monopod, bipod and tripod. In that respect, the Primos Trigger Sticks Gen3 are a prime example of how far we’ve come with this type of shooting accessory by way of features, versatility, and ease of use.


I particularly mention their user-friendly nature because you can adjust their overall height by using just one hand.

This is their USP because the ergonomic ABS handle with rubberised compound no-slip rear grip backbone features a trigger lock system. This proves to be an ideal position for use while holding them at the head. When this is operated (pulled) all three anodised aluminium leg sections slide open by gravity. When they reach the required height, releasing the trigger locks them solidly in position.

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However, the grip/v-yoke top section is still able to fully rotate should you need to pan around. They have a height range of 24”- 62”, which enables shots to be taken from seated to standing, however, this is also furthered by the legs being able to be set at extreme angles due to what is termed the ‘extreme leg angle lock’ - this also enables you to set up quickly on any terrain from virtually any position.


This versatility is due to the new design of locking collar (found directly above the legs) which controls how far they can be splayed out. In the preset location the collar allows them to open out far enough to form a rock-solid tripod for a kneeling or standing shot. If you want the sticks to go lower, then the locking collar needs to be twisted/rotated anticlockwise which allows the lugs at the top of the legs to insert into idents in the collar, resulting in them spreading out at a far greater angle. Also, the length of each can be altered independently to create a stable platform to shoot off on the most uneven of surfaces.

Most modified

The pistol grip section of the Gen3s has seen the most modification over previous models, not only due to its superb contoured ergonomic feel, but also the inclusion of the locking switch for added security when changing heads.

This new Quick Detach Yoke System with integrated lock makes it easier than ever to change the V-yoke for resting a gun forend over to the dedicated optics adaptor supplied. This requires disengaging a lever switch on the left of the head, then pressing in the serrated block-shaped button on the opposite side.

This then releases the V-yoke and allows the optics adaptor to be fitted, which obviously should already be screwed into the camera or optic/spotting scope of choice. It then locks just as securely in place as the rifle rest to give a very smooth panning action as you rotate and scan.

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  • Name: Primos Trigger Sticks Gen3
  • Price: £169.95
  • Contact: John Rothery (Wholesale) www.bisley-uk.com