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Best Fittings Gas-Ram Pump

Best Fittings Gas-Ram Pump

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Reason for mentioning that is because, in the relatively short space of time they’ve been trading, the company now has a humungous and incredibly comprehensive selection of all manner of kit, ranging from fill probes, adaptors, hoses to air gauges and all sizes and configurations of charging bottles. However, one of the company’s more recent products is the Slim Jim ‘Gas-Ram’ Pump… Answering the problem of many Theoben ‘rammers’ and Weihrauch HW90 owners, the pump can be used to ‘top-up’ or ‘re-set’ the ‘gas-ram’ to keep the rifle running at peak performance. The kit includes a single arm hand pump, a 450mm length of Micro-bore hose with an anti-kink spring, plus the connector hose and screw thread ‘QD’ fill adaptor. To use the pump you first unscrew the bleed screw found at the very rear of the compression cylinder and attach the threaded adaptor. This is then attached to the ‘QD’ fill hose so you can pump in the required amount of air. It’s surprisingly efficient so you don’t need arms like Popeye to use the unit.

An important factor to take into consideration is after use – check the rifle’s power output over a chronograph so you’re not running your air rifle over the 12ft/lb legal limit.

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