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Rowan retro fit trigger

Rowan retro fit trigger

If you read Shooting Sports you know I’m a big fan of the precision engineered ‘retrofit’ parts that Rowan Engineering produces. The first product that caught my attention was their manually operated magazine system for an Air Arms S400. Turning the single shot into a multi-shot in a thrice. However, the ‘product’ I feel I’ve had most experience using and would recommend anybody consider – that of course being any of their trigger kits. The photo shows what’s available - note the numbers and ‘key list’ below to help you choose your preferred style.

Trigger Key List
1. Daystate Mk3/Mk4 adjustable
2. S400/S410/S500/510 series - black anodised adjustable
3. BSA R10 Brass Blade
4. Daystate Air Ranger / Merlyn adjustable.
5. HW ‘Rekord’ setback straight
6. S400 S410 S510 set back curved
7. HW ‘Rekord’- ‘extra setback’ curved
8. HW ‘Rekord’ setback curved
9. HW100 adjustable
10. BSA Scorpion/Ultra adjustable
11. TX200 setback curved

Choices include match style post with swivel, twin-height setting trigger shoe, giving a high level of control if this type suits. Set back units, the difference they make to certain rifles is widely accepted, better feel and control due to the blade being positioned to best suit to your hold. It was this type I decided to have fitted to my Air Arms S410K. With the help of the Rowan Brothers here’s a step-by- step guide on how to fit any of these kits to this acclaimed hunter PCP. All the units fit the same way and just replace the factory trigger blade assembly.

Spoilt For Choice

Once you’ve chosen your model, which is getting a little more difficult as they now offer so many and most in a choice of three finishes – brass, polished aluminium and black anodised you’ll appreciate it’s growing to become one of the must have, off-the-shelf airgun modifications. The trigger being fitted here is a standard set back in brass.

Your kit should contain -1 X trigger assembly, 1 X 2mm and 1 X 1.5mm Allen keys. Bit frugal but the only other thing needed is time, tools and to be a bit mechanically minded. As I always say if I can do it, most people can. If unsure, you’re gun shop will most likely offer the service. Please note - as you’re working on the trigger unit, do so in a clean area on a prepared clean work surface. Also, check the rifle is not loaded and is de-cocked before beginning any work.

1: Remove the action from the stock by removing the M6 socket head screw from underneath the stock

2: Remove the 2 x socket head screws holding the trigger guard – take care to retain the spring. The guard may be tight to remove due to the 2mm locating pin. If so, carefully prize it away

3: Once the trigger guard is ‘dropped,’ the spring tensioner can be seen and will easily fall out. Keep this safe and ensure the locator pin is undamaged

4: Remove the trigger mechanism’s side cover plate by un-screwing the 2 x slot head screws

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5: Slide off the original trigger and give the area a clean and a small amount of light oil

6: Replace with the Rowan trigger, taking care it fully sits over and is flush down square onto the pivot pin seen at the front

7: The alignment of the guard when refitted is very important to facilitate ease of adjustment, so carefully refit the cover plate and check free movement of the trigger

8: Put the tensioner spring in its housing in the guard and offer it up carefully replacing it properly using the locator pin as a guide. Then tighten the trigger guard retaining screws.

9: Before refitting the stock, check the trigger isn’t fouling on any part so it can be adjusted, you might want to test the adjuster screws are working smoothly too

10: Refit the stock and you’re done with one, polished brass set back trigger just ready to be squeezed. It’s very likely the setting will have changed from your original blades 1st and 2nd stages of pull. See ‘setting up’ procedure below

Set Up

Here it’s advisable you re-read your rifle’s manual. If you don’t have one it can be downloaded from their web site. Take notice of all safety precautions and recommendations. Rowan notes: To adjust the trigger, it is necessary to cock, load and fire the rifle after each adjustment. A pellet should NOT be loaded. However, it is IMPERATIVE that this is done in a safe environment so that no one or nothing other than a suitable back stop can be hit by a pellet inadvertently loaded into the gun.

The first stage adjustment screw is nearest the pivot point. The second stage adjuster is furthest from the pivot. Start by setting the screws as set in the original trigger. Unscrew the second stage s3-4 turns and also the first stage screw so that the rifle will not fire. Screw in the first stage 1/8 a turn at a time and try to fire the rifle. Adjust until the travel feels correct and the rifle fires. The gun now is operating on the first stage only. Unscrew slightly so the gun does not fire. Now screw the second stage 1/8 of a turn in each time until you can feel the second stage and the gun fires, then screw in another 1/8 to 1/4 of a turn. If you adjust the first stage screw for more or less travel, you will need to readjust the second stage correctly.

Adjustment Of Your New Match Style Trigger ‘Shoe’ – If Fitted

If you have chosen a retrofit with height adjust, match-style trigger shoe - the adjustable finger pad has two height positions and is supplied with the blade fitted in the upper position. If you require the blade in the lower position simply remove the 2.5mm socket screw and turn the blade over so the head of the screw is fitted in to the deep counter bore and re-assemble.

FOR - A well made and practical accessory
AGAINST - if you are not confident get a gunsmith to do it
VERDICT - An excellent range of drop-in trigger units to suit most needs

  • Rowan retro fit trigger - image {image:count}

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  • Rowan retro fit trigger - image {image:count}

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  • Rowan retro fit trigger - image {image:count}

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  • Rowan retro fit trigger - image {image:count}

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  • Rowan retro fit trigger - image {image:count}

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  • Rowan retro fit trigger - image {image:count}

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  • Rowan retro fit trigger - image {image:count}

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  • Rowan retro fit trigger - image {image:count}

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  • Rowan retro fit trigger - image {image:count}

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  • Rowan retro fit trigger - image {image:count}

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  • Rowan retro fit trigger - image {image:count}

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