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Stanley Flasks and Mugs

Stanley Flasks and Mugs

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The Stanley Classic range of flasks is manufactured using 18/8 rustproof (BPA free) stainless steel and have a distinctive green coloured ‘hammer-tone’ tough outer finish. Capacity options include: 0.471, 0.74, 1 and 1.3 litres. The larger two include foldaway handles while the smaller pair does not. All of them feature a strong screw-on top cap with an airtight seal plus a screw-on insulated stainless steel cup. They are rated as being able to keep fluids hot or cold for up to 24hrs, however, this depends on how many times you open them.

Stanley’s ‘One Hand Vacuum Mugs’ include a uniquely designed top. On one side of the cover cap is a large oblong button that when pressed inwards opens a small oval shape mouthpiece on the opposite upper side of the cap allowing you to take a sip of your drink. Releasing the button seals the aperture again keeping the temperature of the beverage sealed inside. Two sizes are available with the 0.35 litre keeping liquids hot for 4 hours and cold for 20 hours, while the 0.47 litre mug will keep drinks hot for 6 hours and cold for 24 hours.

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