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Sureshot Pellet Pouch

Sureshot Pellet Pouch

Walk along the firing line at any airgun club or competition and more often than not there will be the traditional small pile of lead pellets sitting in the grass on one of the target lanes where some poor sole has lost grip on those irritating pellet tins that need tape to keep shut. Pellets lost in this way are best left where they land, unless you want dirt in the barrel, yet this ageold problem can easily be avoided and at minimal cost.

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Having pellets to hand and stored in a convenient dry container is the way to go, and for the HFT or Field Target shooter it is fairly vital. Something that allows quick acquisition, whilst providing safe carriage is the order of the day, and the latest pellet pouches from Sure Shot Airguns are just about ideal for the task. There’s a small and a large version of the Pellet Pouch, and then a Pellet Purse which is slightly larger still. All are constructed from highly durable Cordura, so are waterproof up to a point. The pouches have a zip one side and an open section on the reverse for a scope prompt card to be slipped into. The Purse has an opening top with Velcro, and the same open pocket for a range card.

All very neat and inexpensive, the Pellet Pouches are available either from Sure Shot Airguns directly, or from one of their dealers.

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  • Name: Sure Shot Pellet Pouch/Purse
  • Prices: Small Pellet Pouch 10cm x 10cm: £5 Large Pellet pouch 12cm x 12cm: £6 Pellet Purse 11cm x 11cm: £7
  • : All are available in Black, Olive Green, or Blue
  • Contact: Sureshot Airguns sureshot-airguns.co.uk


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