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Tetra Gun cleaning Products

Tetra Gun cleaning Products

The subject of gun cleaning and maintenance is not an interesting one; however, it’s essential if you want to keep your kit in top condition and increase its working life. These days, there are many companies offering ranges of products and I have, over the years, sampled most of them. Tetra Gun offers a comprehensive range too and importers, Highland Outdoors, sent me five items to look at: Action Blaster, Gun Grease, Bore Solvent, Triple Action and Copper Solvent.

Lift off, cover up

Action Blaster is a high pressure, 18oz aerosol that contains Methylene Chloride, Carbon Dioxide and Pine Oil. Being a spray, it penetrates easily into all areas and will blast out dirt and debris and act as a de-greaser too. I found it useful for drying out and removing oil from a clean barrel prior to use. It evaporates and leaves no residue.

Gun Grease is a Fluoropolymer, penetrating, heavy-duty grease lubricant’, which will reduce friction, prevent corrosion, reduce wear, prevents parts seizure and eases cleaning. Not for the bore, but good on many sorts of mechanisms, or for prophylactic defence inside and out for storage.

Deep cleaning

Now, for getting the bore clean, we have the Bore Solvent, which removes carbon build-up and powder fouling and is particularly recommended for black powder and rimfire firearms, though equally suited to smokeless centrefire guns too and it’s Ammonia-free, result! You just swab it with a wet patch and leave it, then patch out; if it’s more stubborn, use it on a copper brush. Triple Action is a Fluoropolymer cleaner, lubricant and protectant in a handy, pump-spray bottle, which makes application easier and more economical. It’s more of a multi-role compound, as it can clean the bore, lubricate and prevent rust. Tetra says that these compounds should not harm, non-metal components.

Copper killer

Now to the potion that has the hardest job – the Copper Solvent. Tetra’s recipe is a heavy gel that is said to remove copper, lead, powder and plastic residues. Most modern solvents of this type are now engineered to be benign, but this one has a number of warnings on it, including being harmful if inhaled and the potential of skin burns. I would recommend rubber gloves and not to do it in an unventilated room. It has a heavy ammonia content, which is apparent when you open the bottle, so be warned, it’s also non-etching. Instructions state between 15-30 minutes in the bore, and it seems to be far more efficient than the more modern copper killers. Once done, you must flush it out with the Action Blaster, then oil the bore if you’re storing the rifle.


  • Prices: Action Blaster £15.49 Carbon Cleaner £10.99 Copper Solvent £10.99 Grease £9.99 Triple Action £13.99
  • Contact: Highland Outdoors Ltd; www.highlandoutdoors.co.uk


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