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Tetra Valupro III Rifle Cleaning Kit

Tetra Valupro III Rifle Cleaning Kit

Tetra Gun care products have a good reputation. Their VALUPRO III kit includes a cleaning rod, Phosphor bronze brush, plastic patch holder, 100% cotton cleaning patches, muzzle guide, gun grease and Triple Action bore cleaner. Each kit is calibre specific.


The cleaning rod shows a black gloss paint finish and consists of five pieces of steel rod that screw together via threaded male tips. The shorter last piece has the same thread but a female fixture, so brushes can be added. This is a universal 8-32 thread size but Tetra supply you with a brass cored Phosphor bronze brush and a small plastic patch holder with loop type patch attachment.

The blue rubberised grab handle allows the rod to rotate and is secured by a single circlip. There is also a bore guide that fits to the muzzle end but I will say it, all cleaning should be conducted from the rear, with a proper bore guide in place.

What else?

Some Tetra Care Triple Action solution comes in a squeezable 60ml bottle. It incorporates a cleaner, lubricant and protector. Its composition is made from a Fluoropolymer solution that penetrates and cleans in one action and is safe to use on rifled bores. It is also safe to use on any non-metal surface, however, I would still wipe it off quickly if it contacts a wooden surface.

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Also included is a 10- gram tube of Tetra Gun grease, which reduces friction/wear, prevents corrosion, stops seizure in storage and helps the cleaning process. It’s for use on metal surfaces only.

Cleaning routine

After fitting a bore guide, assemble the rod sections, checking they’re all straight. Attach the Phosphur bronze brush and saturate it with Triple Action solution. Run the brush through 5-10 times, allowing it to exit cleanly each time so as not to twist the bristles.

Next, remove the brush and replace it with the patch holder, then loop the cleaning patch through the eyelet hole and run through the bore to remove any debris. Once this is done, pass through a Triple Action saturated patch several times and leave it for an hour to penetrate. I would then patch out again to see if any more copper, lead and carbon has been removed.

If so, dry patch again and then soak the barrel one final time in the solution to leave a light coating for protection in storage.

The Tetra Grease is for use on bolts, behind the lugs, action rails, magazines etc. I found it did make some stainless-steel actions in particular run a little smoother. Be sure to work it into surfaces and wipe off any excess, plus it’s also a good idea to spray another rust prevention layer over the area to further enhance protection.


I found the Triple Action of the Tetra worked well in my rifle’s bore, removing much of any copper build-up and the baked-on carbon deposits. A couple of soakings and some dry patching was required but then again, I really like to keep my bores ultra clean. If storing your rifle with Triple Action applied, remember to dry patch through before doing any shooting. When I did this, the first round was never that far from the original zero.

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  • Name: Tetra VALUPRO III Rifle Cleaning Kit
  • Prices: £26.99
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