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UST Lighter

UST Lighter

Ultimate Survival Technologies (UST) are a US-based company who produce a diverse line of personal safety and survival tools. These include unbreakable signalling mirrors, knifes and many other innovative and useful products, including unique and patented all-weather fi re-starting systems.

Now, no one should be starting fires willy-nilly around the countryside, but for hunters, outdoorsmen and those who practice bushcraft, there are times when a fire is required. Also, if you use a Kelly Kettle and the land you shoot on allows it, you need to have the vital first component, that being a fire lighter/starter of some description. UST have a good selection of which those featured are fine examples of what they offer.


First up, is the lightweight and compact TekFire LED Fuel-Free Lighter that allows for quick and easy fire starting. Measuring 7.6 x 3.8 x 2cm and weighing 60 grams it’s a flameless lighter due to the electronic nature of the sparking element, so also unaffected by wind. The electronic ‘arc’ is created by its USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery, plus it features an integral bright LED light positioned in the base for use as a handy torch. To create an electronic pulse across the terminals the cap needs to be opened/removed and the side pressure switch pressed once. To access the LED light, the cap needs to be closed, and the switch pressed twice in quick succession.

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Attached to the base is a ParaTinder™ wrist lanyard that can be unwound to give approximately 3ft of all-purpose paracord with an added single tinder thread. It also has a 10-second time out safety feature to prevent burnout of the electric element. It comes supplied with a USB cord for easy recharging from any USB port.


Next up, the Stormproof Floating Butane Lighter. Measuring 66 x 40.6 x 12.7mm and weighing 22.7 grams, it functions like a traditional ‘flip open’ lighter, yet is fully waterproof and floats too. It features a piezo-electric ignition that performs in the most adverse weather conditions. It has an O-ring sealed top cover plus locking clasp and its slim design means it easily slips into a pocket. It’s fuelled by quadruple refined butane, has a capacity of 4 grams and is available in black or Hi-Viz orange.

Old sparky

Last, but not least, is the appropriately named Sparkie, which can easily be operated one-handed. Measuring 59 x 32 x 16mm and weighing 23 grams, this lightweight unit features a reconfigured striker tab enclosure and spark bar. The compact body has a rubberised, grip wrap handle, which gives you maximum control and comfort during use. To create a spark, you simply angle the bar down onto/ against a solid surface placing the striker directly next to, or on some tinder and using your thumb press on the side where it clearly says ‘push.’ The spark bar will create a spark, thus igniting the tinder; the spark bar can be rotated to lengthen its lifespan.

There are other ‘bright sparks’ in the range, so check out the website for full details on all of the UST Firestarters.

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  • Name: UST TekFire LED Fuel-Free Lighter, Stormproof Floating Butane Lighter and Sparkie
  • Prices: £35.95, £23.95 & £11.95 respectively
  • Contact: Whitby & Co; www.whitbyandco.co.uk