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UST Snake Ties

UST Snake Ties

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It’s not often that you come across a gadget that you never knew you needed, but these ties have so many uses that you will soon be buying more! Similar to a cable tie, but made from a thick, stretchy silicone, they can be reused many times and they are ideal for attaching items to your bags or bundling them together. Items that will not fit in your range bag can be fixed securely to the outside instead. The bright orange ones proved particularly useful and items that might otherwise get lost in the undergrowth, like a knife, can instantly and easily be located with one of these ties attached. Shooting sticks can be tightly bundled, so they do not rattle, and instantly released with one hand. Due to the small ‘lumps’ all the way along the ties, they can be gripped with wet or slippery hands easily and the stretchiness of the ties allows you to pull them tight, so that they hold things really well.

Supplied in a pack of six the ties, they are really good value and much easier to use than small straps with buckles. They are easy to tighten and loosen, even one handed, and they hold things very securely. A really useful item and very reasonably priced.

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  • Name: UST Snake ties
  • Length: 8-inches
  • Price: £4.95 Pack of six – three bright orange, three black
  • Contact: Whitby & Co. whitbyandco.co.uk