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IHunt XSB Game Caller

IHunt XSB Game Caller

While it is still possible to buy traditional types of game call, like the whistlestyle device, there are now a lot of high-tech options on the market. The unit on test is at the lower end of the price range for electronic game callers but it is still a really effective and clever device.

iHunt XSB

What you actually purchase is a speaker unit which is then linked to your iphone via Bluetooth. The speaker unit comes with its own unique code number which you use to download the free app to your device and install around 600 game calls from over 40 species. You do need to be careful to only download the free app as there is also a version you have to pay for on their website. Once the app is installed you can communicate with the speaker from up to 40-yards away, provided you have a clear line of sight. As well as playing individual sounds you can set up and save sequences, combining sounds, delays, repeats and overlaps. Despite its small size the speaker is surprisingly loud, the specification says up to 100dB, and at full volume the sound distortion isn’t too bad at all.

The app includes instructions and a FAQ’s section which are all easy to follow and very helpful. The best thing to do is to just play with the device and work out how it operates yourself, rather than use the instructions. A lot of the free calls are for creatures, like elk, bears and alligators, which unfortunately we do not have in the UK, but there are still loads which you can use here. All of the common sounds that would be useful here in the UK were clear and recognisable.

In the field

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Setting up the device is very easy and once the speaker is turned on everything, including the volume, is controlled from your device. So long as you can see the speaker and it is no more than 40-yards away you can control it from your hide position. Calling in magpies and pigeons was surprisingly effective. The magpies came within a metre of the device and seemed to be fascinated by the sounds. The fox calls also successfully brought in a target and by adjusting the volume you can bring them in really close.

Back at home the device also proved effective for deterring pests. The speed at which a cat left the garden after ‘encountering’ the grizzly bear call was truly impressive and pigeons do not seem to like the sound of alligators!


This is a really effective game call. Small and fully portable it produces good quality clear calls with more than enough volume to carry over an effective range. It does seem to eat batteries if you put a lot of high volume sounds through it, however during testing it was probably used a lot more than you would on a real stalk. This is a great and economical way of getting into electronic game calls without breaking the bank.


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  • Name: iHunt XSB Game Call
  • Price: £39.20 including free app
  • Contact: Henry Krank & Co. henrykrank.com


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