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Custom Targets Deadeye

Custom Targets Deadeye

Custom Targets offers a range of reactive targets and their unique designs are manufactured from biodegradable 3mm hardboard, which is environmentally sound and doesn’t splinter. Due to precision shooters constantly demanding more of a challenge, the company has responded, and the new ‘Deadeye’design is undoubtedly their toughest target yet!

The design

As usual, there are a plethora of reactive shootaway zones but this time they are devilishly tricky. It’s a clever combination and they all require a steady hand. One side features 2mm kill zones, where the surrounding hole is just 7mm. Here, you can try and take out the centre cleanly, without cutting into the surround.

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The other end features 14mm holes, each with a suspended 10mm ring. Here, we can either try and pass a pellet cleanly through the centre, or carefully brake the ring, again without touching the outer. This is precision work and great fun for sharpshooters or anyone wanting to push their skills to the very limit.


The Deadeye will be available in both 14cm and 17cm versions, which will simply slot straight into a pellet catcher. A 6mm centre hole incorporated into the target means it can also be mounted onto the push-in-theground spike, also available from Custom Targets.

All targets are laser cut and perfectly formed, as we’ve come to expect from this highly innovative brand. Serious fun for a nominal outlay.

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  • Custom Targets Deadeye - image {image:count}

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  • Name: Custom Targets 'Deadeye'
  • Prices: 14cm version £2.50 each, or 6 pack for £14 17cm version £2.80 each or 6 pack for £15.50
  • Contact: Custom Targets - www.customtargets.co.uk/store


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