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Jack Pyke Spot Shot Targets

Jack Pyke Spot Shot Targets

Jack Pyke’s Spot Shot Targets bring a level of excitement to any type of shooting. They are double-printed with a bright, vibrant undercoat of fluorescent yellow, overlaid with black. As the shot tears through the paper, it removes the top black layer, leaving a clearly visible yellow ring around the shot. Instant feedback is guaranteed, also being stickers they are easily applied to a backer! They come in a variety of packs too, with sheets of stickers available with either 2 or 6” roundels. The latter come with round patches to cover previous impact holes so it can be re-used. Whether zeroing a rifle, staging a competition, or just enjoying some informal practise, this style of target is hard to beat. Jack Pyke Spot Shot Targets are available from all good gun-shops.

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2” - 10 sheets (90 stickers)
£6.95. 6”- 10 sheets plus patch-up dots £6.95.
6” - 100 sheet plus patchup dots £57.95.
Mixed pack 6 sheets of 6”, 4 sheets of 2” plus patch-up dots £6.95

Jack Pyke, 01234 740327
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