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Magnetic Knock Down Targets

Magnetic Knock Down Targets

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Zombies really have got it coming as far as I’m concerned! Roaming around in hordes, eating some people, turning others into fellow zombies. Well, now we can practice taking revenge by using the Magnetic Knock Down Zombie Target. It’s a wellmade, black painted steel box, 19-inches wide by 8-inches high and 8½-inches deep, it has an angled aperture at the front, so any stray pellets are safely funnelled into the box. Within the box, there’s a steel bar with four zombie targets on it, two on the left, two on the right. In the middle there’s a skull shaped target, which is the heart of the mechanism.

When a zombie is successfully terminated (Okay, hit by a pellet!) it falls back out of sight and is held back by a magnetic catch. Once all four zombies are dead, the central skull shape is hit, which releases the zombies once again. I’ve used the target quite a lot lately and it’s quite challenging at 50-yards but it could of course be used at any range really. The steel targets stood up well to many hits but should they get a little out of shape they could be straightened again with pliers. Overall, a novel airgun target that should last for years.

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  • Price: £39.95
  • Contact: Anglo Arms (for nearest dealer) www.angloarms.com