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Nockover Practice Field Target

Nockover Practice Field Target

Nockover Targets manufacture all manner of reactive targets from simple spinner types and cord resettable fall-flats to custom designs known as ‘Specials.’ These are more challenging to target due to their design of which the Practice Field Target with variable re-set hole is a prime example.

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The target uses the company’s own reset mechanism which consists of an upper target disc (which sits behind a 40mm aperture in the faceplate) attached by an articulating linkage and axis bolt to the reset disc hanging below. Once the top disc is hit, it falls backwards onto a spur at the end of a lower arm that leads to the lower disc. Hitting this afterwards makes the assembly swing backwards which results in the top disc being lifted back up to its original position.

Challenge yourself

On this model the 40mm reset disc can be reduced in size due to the target having a moveable reducer plate with circular apertures of 25 and 15mm diameter. When you decide to try your hand at more challenging shooting it can be moved across to adjust the ‘kill’ area over the lower disc to the size required.

The rat profile faceplate and re-set discs are manufactured from zinc coated 3mm thick metal and stands on a 12-inch long galvanised metal ground stake.

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  • Name: Practice Field Target with variable reset hole
  • RRP: £24.20 + £8.20 P+P
  • Contact: Nockover Targets:nockover-targets.co.uk