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Sig Texas Star Target

Sig Texas Star Target

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Though paper targets are a good way of seeing how well you shoot and keeping score, something with a bit more excitement is never a bad thing! SIG SAUER offers a new range of CO2-powered air rifles and pistols and along with this a selection of more practical/ action targets to suits these high capacity, fast fire guns. On test is their Texas Star, which is a reactive system. It consists of a four-legged frame (30 x 30 x 16”), with a Ferris wheel-style build consisting of nine arms, all made of powder-coated steel for strength and resistance to the elements. Hinged at the end of each is a 1.5 x 2.75” steel, IPSC style mini target plate complete with scoring zones and twin yellow aim points. The arms slot into the central hub, which rotates. All you do is flip out the target plates and shoot them down, as they fall it unbalances the star causing it to rotate so offering another target to be shot at. SIG says they are suitable for spring and PCP airguns as well as CO2 pistols and rifles in both .177” and .22” calibres with an energy limit of up to 20 ft/lbs. We’d recommend you keep it to a maximum of 12 ft/lbs as those small plates will run the risk getting easily battered with anything much over that!

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