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Sure Shot Knock down targets

Sure Shot Knock down targets

In today’s market, there are a wide variety of metal reactive targets available to the airgun shooter, but for serious Field Target or HFT competition, whether at club or National level, the knock-down target needs to be extremely reliable. Sadly, not all targets are up to the job, and whilst plinkers may be flexible as to quality, once silverware is on offer, the mechanism just has to work properly.

Sure Shot Airguns have now entered the target market, and their knock-down design, being similar to that of the market leader, looks set to prove a popular and serious option. Sure Shot Knock-Down FT/ HFT Targets are available in a variety of animal shapes including rat, squirrel, running hare, and crow, and are of solid construction. The mechanism allows for the target to fall almost flat when hit, and each target comes complete with a 50-metre reset cord, four ground pegs. They come with a 40mm kill as standard, but four reducing plates are also included; offering kill zone sizes of 1.25-inches, .75-inches, .5-inches, and 3/8-inches.

Basic reliability tests have shown that these targets work very well; all-importantly, only falling when hit in the kill area, and with the robust build quality, and versatile design, they are a serious option for clubs and enthusiasts alike.


  • Name: Sure Shot Knock-Down FT/HFT Targets
  • Price: £27.50 including 50m line and 4 reducer plates
  • Contact: Sure Shot Airguns www.sureshot-airguns.co.uk


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