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Wolfman Heavy Duty Pellet Trap

Wolfman Heavy Duty Pellet Trap

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The classic box or funnelshaped target holders are extremely popular and most airgun shooters will own one at some point along the way. To be ultra-safe, any backstop should incorporate a bigger metal sheet or paving slab behind to guarantee any stray airgun pellet will land safely. However, once the gun is zeroed, shots should be caught easily by the target box.

The problem remains, however, that many boxes are cheap, low-end offerings, formed from very thin metal. On show here is a rather more premium product called the Wolfman Heavy Duty Pellet Trap, and as the name suggests, it’s built to last. Made in England by a Suffolk blacksmith, these high-grade traps are ideal for any airgunner, whether novice or experienced and are designed to accept what has become a fairly standard-sized square target (6.75 x 6.75” / 17x17cm). The front protection area goes a lot higher than that, so homemade targets or sheets of card can be easily utilized. There’s a hole in the back to hang the box if required but a real selling point, apart from the heavyduty construction overall, is the 2mm thick steel plate that is suspended inside. There’s a high-density foam block behind that, to absorb the impact and dissipate any energy, and it all works really well.

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  • Name: Wolfman Heavy Duty Pellet Trap
  • Accepted Target Dimensions: 6.7”x 6.7” (17x17cm)
  • Price: £27.95
  • Contact: The Wolfman - www.thewolfman.co.uk