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Fisher Space Pens

Fisher Space Pens

Still used in manned space flight, though first adopted by NASA in 1967, the Fisher Space Pen uses a sealed and pressurised cartridge and is guaranteed to perform in temperatures from -300 degrees F to 2500 degrees F, underwater, in zero gravity, and even upside down.

Each Fisher Space Pen is precision-assembled, hand-tested and carries an unconditional lifetime guarantee, and the ink cartridge boasts an ultra-hard Tungsten- carbide ball tip, Thixtotropic ink in an hermetically sealed pressurised reservoir, that writes for three times longer than an ordinary ballpoint, plus a sliding float that separates the ink from the pressurised nitrogen gas.

What many people do not realise is that, as well as the original ‘bullet pen’, there is a vast range of other versions of the Fisher Space Pen, all using the same pressurised cartridge and with the same unconditional lifetime guarantee.

The Cap-o-Matic and Economy Space Pens look and work like standard ballpoint pens, but have the Fisher Space Pen cartridge and so out- perform normal ballpoint pens by an astronomical degree, while not having out-of-this-world prices.

Economy Space Pens can be had for around £9.95, Classic Bullet Pens from around £24.95, right up to Infinium Space Pens in Gold, Titanium Nitride and Chrome at around £130. Refills in various colours can be had for about £2.95-£5.35.

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The ideal pen for those active in the outdoors who want a reliable writing instrument for all weathers and environments!

Snugpak, the leading British sleeping bag manufacturer, has launched a new range of mosquito nets to provide protection and peace of mind to outdoor enthusiasts. The collection comprises two models: the Backpacker and Jungle nets, the latter being available in two sizes of single
(width: 32-inches) or double (width: 63-inches).

Nets are treated with Deltamethrin, as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which provides added protection against insect-borne diseases such as Malaria, Dengue Fever and Encephalitis.

The Backpacker is extremely compact, making it perfect for those who need to travel light, and snugly fits over a single bed. The Jungle is a double-strength valance with tent peg loops and is supplied with a hanging kit and stuff sack. It’s constructed with fine mesh, and can be hung four different ways – as a single or two point wedge, a two point ridge or a four point rectangle.

CONTACT: 01245 225758 www.gbapen.co.uk

CONTACT: 01535 654479 www.snugpak.com

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