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Kleen Kanteen Insulated Canister

Kleen Kanteen Insulated Canister

There are plenty of insulated food containers around but they only hold a small amount of food, nowhere near enough for a ‘proper dinner’. Klean Kanteen realised this and now produce a canister with an impressive 945ml capacity (32 fluid ounces). This huge capacity means that you can carry a full-sized meal, enough for two people, be it chilli, stew, soup or even sausage and mash. Plus it can keep it all very hot for over eight hours, even if opened a couple of times. It will also keep contents cold for a long period. Alternatively, this canister also holds enough hot water for you to wash your hands properly if required.

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The very wide mouth makes it possible to eat directly out of the canister using a knife and fork. The internal surface is foodgrade stainless steel and the lid has a very clever breech-lock thread, so it opens and closes with just a quarter of a turn.

If you need a hot meal outdoors, and you have a large appetite, this canister is perfect. Very well made and practical, it works well and is durable enough to withstand outdoor use.

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  • Name: Klean Kanteen 946ml Insulated TK Canister
  • Price: £34.95
  • Contact: Whitby and Co - www.whitbyandco.co.uk