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Hunting Lamps

Despite all the fantastic digital and thermal gear around, a modern hi-tech lamp is still a very useful accessory, whether your using it to tackle quarry or simply making your way around in the dark. This selection has a lot to offer…


    Tracer has built up a fantastic reputation over the years with their wide range of gunlights and torches. They have developed a gunlight that enables the user to rapidly switch between white, red, green and blue by rotating a collar on the 6½-inch alloy body; it’s a bit like adjusting a forward parallax collar on a telescopic sight. As you rotate the collar on the black anodised housing, a different part of the ‘quad-colour’ LED is brought into play, and when the colour has been selected, the beam position can be ‘zeroed’ using the mounting system that has a sort of ‘ball and socket’ clamp. Adjusting the beam doesn’t take long at all using this system and the clamp holds the lamp securely; the clamp can be fitted to 1-inch and 30mm scope tubes. A 2-inch, threaded extension is included in the kit and cuts down light ‘overspill’.

    The focusable 220 Lumen beam reaches out to 200m. and power comes from a rechargeable 18650 battery that is charged using the supplied mains charger unit. When the F600 is used as a gunlight, the remote switch is used and the pressure pad attached to the stock, using self-adhesive hook and loop pads. Run time is 15-hours on low power, three on medium and 1½ on full power. At only 6.2-ounces, you hardly notice that it is fitted. Everything comes in a robust carry case and it’s a very comprehensive kit.

    Name: Tracer LEDray F600 4 Colour Torch

    Price: £116

    Contact: Tracer Power. www.tracerpower.com

    Reviewer: Graham Allen



    The mega-powerful Fenix HP25R Rechargeable Headlamp comes supplied with an 18650 battery, housed in the rear, and a micro USB charging cable but it can also be powered using 2x CR123A non-rechargeable batteries. It’s designed to be highly versatile, having both a neutral white floodlight and farreaching spotlight beam. The spotlight beam features a Cree XM-L2 U2 LED, four brightness settings with the highest intensity delivering an impressive 1000 Lumens, when its crisp, powerful beam can reach out to more than 185m. The broad 90-degree floodlight beam features a Cree XP-G2 R5 LED and offers four brightness settings up to 350-Lumens, perfect for close up tasks. Individual switches control each beam, but beams cannot be combined. A red LED built into the lamp unit offers added appeal when you need to protect your night vision.

    Waterproof to IPX-6, the HP25R is prepared for the challenge of allweather use, while the aluminum alloy body also enables longer operation at high power levels, plus the built-in mode memory circuit remembers your last used lighting level for each lamp unit. A battery level indicator is also an integral and very useful feature.

    Name: Fenix HP25R Rechargeable Headlamp

    Price: SRP £72.95

    Contact: The Photon Shop.www.myfenix.co.uk

    Reviewer: Pete Wadeson



    The new Olight M3XS Ultra-Thrower Javelot extended-range, variable-output, customised Cree XP-L LED flashlight has a full kilometer of beam distance! At only 8.3 inches long and a weight of 255g, it packs a real punch and has three brightness levels from a minimum of 3 lumens to a maximum of 1200-Lumens, there is also a handy strobe mode. Power comes from 3x CR123A batteries or 2x 18650 lithium batteries using an extender tube. The light has a tail cap switch and a side switch for easy mode switching. Machined from aircraftgrade aluminum and then anodised black, it has an IPX 8 waterproof rating and the kit includes two spare O-rings, the extension tube, battery magazine, and holster.

    The light can be used as a gunlight via an optional mount and a remote switch can replace the rear tail cap switch. When targeting quarry, a green filter can be added, if the intended target is ‘lamp shy’.

    Name: Olight M3XS Ultra-Thrower Javelot

    Price: £125.95

    Remote pressure switch: £13.99

    Offset rail mount: £16.95

    Green filter: £12.99

    Contact: Olight Store UK, www.olightstore.uk

    Reviewer: Graham Allen



    The Clulite Clu-Briter Sport (Re- Chargeable) CREE LED 1000L Spotlight - the latest model to be released in the company’s small range of ‘Clu- Briter’ designated units. It is their most powerful to date, plus is dressed in a hunter friendly camo outer.

    The full kit includes the Lamp unit, Mains Charger, Vehicle Charger, Smart Charger, and an already installed ‘rechargeable’ 3.7v 3600mAH Liion Battery. The bonus of the ‘smart charger’ is it allows the lamp to be charged from a USB port.

    Measuring 6¾-inches along the top, it has a ‘protective’ 3½-inch full rubber outer diameter lens housing which holds a 60mm front ‘reflector’ lens. It boasts a IPX4 splash proof rating and is fully shockproof. It is 6¾-inches tall and weighs only 550g, making this a very lightweight and manageable lamp and has an ergonomic ‘carry’ handle. The very positive ON/OFF switch is positioned ideally for the trigger finger to fall onto. The ‘mode’ lever is on the left of the body casing, positioned above and slightly to the rear of the trigger. Ideally positioned for (right handed use) the thumb of the hand holding the lamp can easily access it to select which setting required. The Sport has 3-mode settings of full, low & strobe. Continuous run time is given as 3hrs for full and strobe, 15-hours for low beam.

    The ‘Sport,’ boasts a ‘focused’ white beam, with a 700m ‘spotting’ rating, which for a lamp of this size is an incredible ‘stat.’ However, on clear nights I’d say when set to full beam, which is tight and very intense, you’d be hard pushed to fault that claim. There’s an integral hand lanyard and for the times quarry is twitchy or ‘wise’ to a white beam - red, amber, green and blue filters are available separately.

    Name: Clulite Re-Chargeable Clu-Briter CREE LED SPORT 1000L

    Price: £118.20

    Filters of red, amber, green or blue: £12 each

    Contact: Cluson Engineering Limited. www.cluson.co.uk

    Reviewer: Pete Wadeson