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Clulite LED Pistol Light Package

Without doubt Cluson Engineering Limited ‘broke the mould’ for handheld lamps when they launched the rechargeable LED powered CLUB-1 Clu Briter. A very handy ‘pistol like’ design which is versatile enough to be used by two man airgun hunting teams and powerful enough for fullbore fox hunting. Well now Cluson has launched another handheld to get hot ‘n’ bothered about, the aptly named LED Pistol Light. The name is a fitting designation for the ‘pistol shape’ lamp unit that can take its power from any standard 12V 3A battery pack or a vehicle cigar socket. The LED Pistol Light can be purchased on its own as a full package (as featured here) denoted ‘The LED Pistol Light Package (PL-400B.)

Purchased in this format the ‘kit’ contains the Pistol Light, 12V 3amp Power Pack in a heavy-duty canvas pouch with strong webbing belt, plus Mains and Vehicle charger. The lamp unit is manufactured from toughened ABS and has a full aluminium housing and reflector. This has a very compact head size of 2 1/8” in diameter and is approximately 5 ½” long. The handle has an ergonomic feel and measures 4 ¼” from the extended lamp head to the base. The grip is comfortable and the trigger switch sits neatly underneath the forefinger. A 24” length of coiled lead extends from the base ending in a male cigar plug socket. This mates up with the female socket wired into the heavy-duty yet compact battery pack with adjustable belt.

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1000 Lumens

The high performance CREE T6 LED produces an impressive 1000 lumens of brightness which projects a tight intense beam out to a rated 400m. In use it’s hard to dispute this, as on a clear night recently I’d approximate the un-filtered beam was achieving a spotting distance of approximately 300+yds! If you feel this strength of white beam is too intense there’s an optional flip up filter kit available. The light has continuous run time of 3hrs from a full charge.

The simple yet practical design suits both right and left-handed use and when the lamp isn’t in use there’s an integrated belt clip on the top of the elongated lamp housing. This clip also allows this handheld to be used by a lone hunter, as you can spot with the lamp, switch off and clip it onto your belt when you spot quarry then sight in using a gun mounted lamp or a Nightvision scope.

The Clulite LED Pistol Light Package (PL-400B) is a great piece of kit and is priced at £72 while a Filter Kit (A69) costs £22. For more information contact Cluson Engineering Limited on tel.01730 264672 or visit www.cluson.co.uk