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Gerber Cortex Compact Torch

Gerber Cortex Compact Torch

These days we no longer need torches over a foot long and running on multiple, D-cell batteries to give adequate illumination. Truth is technology has caught up and we now have a plethora of compact designs that frankly can pump out more lumens on a single AA battery than those dinosaur designs. Such an example is Gerber’s Cortex Compact. It’s intended as an everyday carry light for all needs. Using a Cree XPG LED and running on a single Lithium CR123 or AA battery, it allows the operator to use whatever power source is available. When powered by a CR123 it provides 125 lumens of output, which is more than enough light for most night time needs from checking your guns chamber to providing illumination when walking through a dark wood. The Cortex Compact also provides a strobe mode and a low-output mode for navigation where you want to conserve battery life.

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Specifications CR123 battery run times; high 1.5 hours/125 lumen, low 9-hours/25 lumen, AA battery; high 1.25 hours/125 lumen, low 6-hours/12 lumen. Build: black anodised aluminium body, tail cap switch, high, low and strobe modes, clothing clip, waterproof (IPX7).
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