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Vortex VX4420-26 Xenon Flashlight

Vortex VX4420-26 Xenon Flashlight

Remember when the Maglite torches first hit the UK? Just about every shooter had one of these big, D-cell flashlights on their gun or in their gear. Since then the revolution in torches has been towards minimal rather than massive but there’s a lot to be said for a big tough torch.

Deben Group Industries must think so, as amongst their Vortex range are a selection of the old-style D-cell lights and they sent us the 4-cell version. With a bright Xenon bulb that pumps out a lot of light, this is a big and useful design. The construction is aluminium alloy that’s hard anodised inside and out with O-ring seals throughout to keep things waterproof.

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The body is knurled for grip and operation is by a simple, rubber-covered, push button near the head. The lens is shatterproof polycarbonate and the beam is focusable to a degree. A spare bulb is included in the tail cap. Our example was in blue, but six colours options are available as well as black.

This is a good torch to keep in your truck, walking the dog at night and also excellent for picking up rabbits etc., as it also makes a very good priest to dispatch them if they are not dead. Large, impressive and with a quality build, at the price can you afford to do without a Vortex D-cell flashlight? We think not…

The Vortex VX4420-26 Xenon Flashlight costs £21.95 and is available from all Deben stockists or contact Deben Group Industries direct on 0870 44 22 600.

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