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Metin Cartridge Belt

Metin Cartridge Belt

Not being an avid, if at all, shotgunner, why am I testing a new cartridge belt from Norman Clark? Answer: practical shotgun and slugs.

I fell in love with the Savage 212 fully rifled 12-gauge bolt action shotgun/rifle and after extensive use saw the need to carry more slugs. Or in fact a variety of 12-gauge ammo for testing and differing usage. Most 12g belts are either leather that can stretch or go mouldy, or Nylon that can be noisy. Norman Clark knows a good thing when he sees it and the Metin 12-gauge synthetic cartridge belt at £20.36 is very good value.

Belt up

Most belts are 25 cartridge capacity, with no way of altering the spacing of cartridges on the belt, i.e. stitched in position. This belt is different; there are 30 individual high impact plastic clips that freely move along the belt. Each clip is 1.75-inches high and an inch wide with an enclosed belt loop at the rear. Here, a black cordura belt of 1.5-inches width, threads its way between all 30 clips.

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The front section of the clip is open for approximately 35% of its radius, so you can simply push the 12-gauge cartridge between the clip’s lips to secure. This makes it very easy to load, and more importantly, unload a shell. You can also position the cartridge at any height within the individual clips, so you are not fumbling to grasp the rim but get a good hold on the whole of the top of the case. You can either pull up and out, or better still, grasp and flip out through the lips, very speedy and allowing a fast reload or quick chambering.

What I also like is the ability to move the individual clips around the belt and thus space them as you want. This helps if you have differing 12-gauge loads and want to position the different shot sizes or fox and pigeon loads around the belt, so that you do not pick up a wrong case by mistake. Or Sabots and Foster slugs in my case

Having a 30-shot capacity is very handy, if a little heavy with slugs! Maximum waist is about 48-inches and this is easily adjusted with conventional friction grip loops and the buckle is a twin prong, quick detachable unit made from the same polymer as the clips.


For £20.36, its no money at all and in fact you could get a couple for an evening’s flighting but I found it great for selective slug use, with very fast backup shots being able to be chambered from the quick release facility of those flexible cartridge clip retainers.


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  • Metin Cartridge Belt - image {image:count}

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  • Name: Metin Cartridge Belt
  • Capacity: 30 cartridges
  • Price: £20.36
  • Contact: Norman Clark. www.normanclarkgunsmith.com