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Extremities Clothing

Extremities Clothing

Since the 1980s Extremities have specialised purely on making hi-performance gloves, hats, socks, and gaiters, initially developed for mountaineers. Now, with a wide selection that suits all outdoor activities, their UK-designed products offer performance, style and practicality.

Cover Your Extremities

Garments with waterproof and insulating attributes are the backbone of outdoor wear. However, while many ensure the jackets and trousers they use offer these attributes, it’s equally important that headwear, gloves and at times even socks should. The latter garment by many being the least used due in part to people wearing decent quality boots. But there’s nothing surer to cut a hunting foray or hike short than wet feet. This can be a simple case of wearing low boots, or inadvertently venturing into a far more waterlogged area than you first intended. So, with that established here are four items I’ve cherry picked from Extremities Clothing, I feel the all-weather hunter would be wise to check out.


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First up is the Arid Waterproof Beanie. This stretch-fit thermal Beanie has a 100% acrylic outer and polyester lining with a waterproof, breathable membrane to keep you warm as well as dry. It’s classed as having the company’s Waterproof XDRY performance. Unlike some Beanies, it doesn’t ride up or feel too constrictive and gives optimum wearer comfort. Next, for those really cold sessions especially come nightfall is the Guide Balaclava. It’s very versatile as it can also be pulled down and worn as a neck gaiter. It’s made from midweight, Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper® softshell and polyester. When worn as a full balaclava, users will appreciate what are described as ‘perforated ear areas’ that help with unhindered hearing.

Hands & Feet

From the comprehensive range of gloves on offer, I’ve chosen the Sticky Powerliner as they blend well with the other products featured due to their attributes and versatility. Incidentally, there is also a more thermal option. They are lightweight, dextrous, and of course waterproof and breathable. Gloves don’t turn heads, but the USP of the Powerliners is that they’re actually the first waterproof stretch fleece design. They used a pre-existing glove as the base and added a waterproof and breathable membrane and hey presto, a new product.

Manufactured using a quick-drying 100% polyester stretch fabric, they have a soft brushed lining. The design incorporates a long stretch cuff for a closer fit and feature their own touchscreen technology. The addition of a silicone grip palm results in a glove that is both inherently grippy when handling an object with a wet surface yet gives the wearer full all round protection and can be used alone or as a liner.


Last but not least, the Evolution Waterproof Socks. The outer uses a build consisting of a combination of 63% Nylon, 20% Elastane, 17% Rubber and have a 80% Viscose Fibre and 20% Wool inner, which offers a soft, warm, close to the skin layer. They feature a breathable, stretchy, waterproof-bonded membrane, have a seamless construction and are comfortable to wear.

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  • Name: Extremities Arid Beanie, Guide Balaclava, Sticky Powerliner Gloves and Evolution Waterproof Socks
  • Price: £20, £40, £36, and £45 respectively
  • Contact: John Rothery (Wholesale) Co Ltd www.bisley-uk.com