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First Tactical Defender Series

First Tactical Defender Series

First Tactical’s Defender Series Shirts (£79.95) are the best of both worlds, performance-built to handle any task, while maintaining the sharp look needed by the professional user. In the performance department, specialised pockets boast ample space for oversized gear, a specialised yoke eliminates unwanted bulk, and oversized sleeve pockets accept patches or embroidery. Creating the perfect warm weather shirt was at the forefront of their design, as articulated elbows, running gussets, and vented mesh locations provide advanced movement and breathability.

The Defender Series Pants (£119.95) offer a total of 28 (yup, you read that right, 28!) specialised pockets, provide plenty of room for oversized gear, magazines, and all other equipment. Articulation is at the forefront of design, as articulated knees, running gussets throughout and vented mesh pockets provide superb freedom of movement and breathability. Ventilation in multiple key areas makes these the ideal warm weather pants. The Defender Fabric features a breathable cotton and Cordura Nylon blend. The 2-way mechanical stretch Nyco, is one of the first to the market and has double ripstop fabric that is moisture wicking and perfect for warm weather.

Quality fabric

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First Tactical have always made a point of using first rate fabrics and material technologies, but their initial designs, although perfectly attractive and workmanlike were, in fairness, not dissimilar to other tactical brands; I can totally understand this, as the tactical ‘uniform’ clothing market, especially in the procurement sector for the professional user, is a very competitive one, so they needed designs that would immediately appeal to all potential users.

The Defender gear, though, in my opinion, is the next step in their evolution, and when I received the production samples for testing I was immediately drawn to just how intricate the design is, and just how clever the use, and combination of cutting edge fabrics is. For instance, in the Defender shirt, the main body area is 6.5oz 100% Polyester jersey; snag, fade and wrinkle resistant, with a wicking and anti-microbial finish. The sleeves and collar are a 6.9oz, 55% cotton/45% Cordura Nylon mechanical 2-way stretch double ripstop with moisture wicking finish, and the whole thing is finished off with high quality YKK zips and Duraflex pull-tabs! The Pants are no less impressive in terms of the fabric mix, as they make use of a 55% cotton/45% Cordura Nylon 6.9oz. 2-way mechanical stretch NyCo fabric, with double ripstop and moisture wicking finish, YKK zips, Prym snaps, and Duraflex pull-tabs.

Fitting stuff

I’m pleased to report that the fit is absolutely spot-on, with the ergonomically designed articulated areas working just as they should, and comfort is superb. The finishing is of the very highest standard and is absolutely impeccable; not only are the fabrics themselves designed for extended durability, but the way in which they are put together and combined indicates that this is gear that will take all you can throw at it and come back laughing!

With the Defender Shirt and Pant, I believe that First Tactical now have the basis of a clothing system that fully lives up to what they intended to achieve. I certainly look forward to seeing what they come up with next!

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  • Name: First Tactical Defender Series
  • Price: Shirt £79.95 and Pant £119.95
  • Contact: www.firsttactical.co.uk
  • Stockist: www.military1st.co.uk