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Helikon-Tex Training Mini Rig for Serious training session - see more
Helikon-Tex Training Mini Rig for Serious training session - see more


the SP Eye Dominance solution

The area of Eye dominance has a new product the SP Eye Dominance solution, The SP works for both Gun down and Gun up styles so can be used across all Clay disciplines, Game and rough shooting.  A successful launch has seen major grounds including Mid Wales Shooting Centre and Bywell shooting ground stocking the SP, there are also over 25+ qualified coaches now stocking and offering lessons with the SP - check the website for your options across the country.  You can also buy direct online at www.shootsp.co.uk
Testimonial for the SP by Senior CPSA coach Mike Williams :-

Eye dominance problems solved with both eyes open! I have been coaching a good number of years and consider the biggest single problem experienced by shooters is how to solve their eye dominance issues. Closing the offending eye loses them their three-dimensional picture, any form of depth perception and is particularly problematic with a straight-driven target as it disappears behind the barrel when applying lead. Using occlusion foil or tape is successful in some cases providing the shooter can accept it in their vision all the time, partially so in others but there are a great many that are uncomfortable with it saying that it distracts them and that they are unable to concentrate on the target as they are focussing on the tape/foil. Some even try to look around it and consequently get an immediate (and catastrophic) disconnect from the target. I was extremely fortunate in being invited to observe the innovative SP (Shot Paraboloid) in action with a group of shooters, all of whom had varying degrees of off-eye dominance problems and one with an intermittent issue. They started by attempting to shoot a straight driven target with no eye dominance correction and all, without exception, managing to miss it up one side or the other. The SP was then fitted to their gun, one by one, and the result was nothing short of miraculous as they all “smoked” the target a lot earlier than they had attempted to shoot it previously and with both eyes open! I have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone who has an eye dominance issue and I have already added it to my “toolbox” of solutions, it has certainly earned its place.

Mike Williams. Fellow of the Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors. Senior CPSA Coach, Tutor and Assessor. Clay Target & Game Coach.


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