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Jack Pyke Chukka Free-standing Target

Jack Pyke Chukka Free-standing Target

Jack Pyke has steadily built-up a very comprehensive range of reactive targets suitable for the 12ft/lb air rifle. Mainly of a re-settable and/or spinner disc design, all are very useful in honing accuracy and promoting you to practice for longer periods.

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One target that differs and ‘stands out’ from the rest is the ‘Chukka Free Standing Multipoint Target.’ It has an all steel construction and is configured in a ‘star’ shape. This is seen as four arms that extend from the centre of the construction with each having a 50mm diameter kill-zone disc at the end. All discs have Hi-Viz orange target stickers (replaceable) on both sides to highlight the area you need aim for. Due to the design of the ‘Chukka’ it’s able to be free standing due to three of its arms always forming a stable tripod style base, which in turn holds the fourth arm and its target disc vertical 180mm off the ground.

Once you hit this disc, the whole target is knocked (tips) over, whereupon it always lands on three arms that once again form a base presenting a killzone disc as before. Obviously every time you knock the Chukka over it moves away from your shooting position but if you want it to stay within range without having to keep walking forward there are two pre-drilled holes in two of the arms so you can attach a pull cord to drag it back to the range you prefer.

PRICES: SRP £9.95. Two-inch diameter self-adhesive target stickers, 10 sheets of 8 per pack £2.95
CONTACT: Jack Pyke of England. www.jackpyke.co.uk

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