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Nightmaster Eclipse Torch and IR illuminator

While at the British Shooting Show, Peter Moore chats to Graeme Kelly from Nightmaster Scotland about the new Nightmaster Eclipse torch/ir illuminator.


  • I’ve only had my nightmaster 1000 eclipse less than 2 hours and its stopped working. After traveling home from the shop it was bought from, I took it from the box and unscrewed the head of it to give it a charge. This was when I noticed that the small element that protrudes out to make the electrical connection had come away from the main body of the torch. I was able I find it and relocate it but in doing so didn’t realizes it was spring loaded. It then went flying out and is now lost. This IMO is one bad design flaw

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    Lee mccallister
    22 Apr 2018 at 01:41 PM

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