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10 Top Shotgun Accessories

Shotgunning, in all its forms, is a very popular past-time and, for some, it’s all in a day’s work. Here are a few items that you may find useful…

  • SuperTrap 2000 Clay Trap

    SuperTrap 2000 Clay Trap

    The SuperTrap 2000 manual clay pigeon trap is powerful, providing a complete range of challenging targets and is easy and safe to use. A threequarter, semi re-cocking action, combined with the lever, allows you to cock the trap single handed in one stroke. It is ideal for enthusiasts and commercial grounds, as well as being perfect for corporate events. It is easy to adjust elevations without the need for a spanner and the high-quality aluminium castings make for many years of trouble free operation and enjoyment.

    Safety features have been incorporated into the design, with safety rings and positive trigger releases as just two examples. Elevation, from horizontal to 35°, can be adjusted quickly and easily and performs double and single rise throwing. Designed for easy operation with lever cocking, it is extremely portable. Weight is 13.5kg or 22kg with the optional tripod stand.

    The trap throws standards, midis and mini targets, all from the standard arm without adjustments and four different spring strengths are available: - 150-metres, 135-metres (standard) 100-metres, 80-metres and 75-metres.

    It is easily transported and set up and is built to last, as all bearings are protected from the elements with two mechanical seals.

    Price: £700

    Contact: bowmantraps.co.uk

  • Metin Tactical 12-Gauge Shotgun Cartridge Belt

    Metin Tactical 12-Gauge Shotgun Cartridge Belt

    Most cartridge belts have a capacity of 25, with no way of altering the spacing of cartridges on the belt, i.e. stitched in position. This belt is different; there are 30 individual high impact plastic clips that freely move along the belt. Each clip is 1.75-inches high and an inch wide with an enclosed belt loop at the rear. Here, a black cordura belt of 1.5-inches width, threads its way between all 30 clips.

    The front section of the clip is open for approximately 35% of its radius, so you can simply push the 12-gauge cartridge between the clip’s lips to secure. This makes it very easy to load, and more importantly, unload a shell. You can also position the cartridge at any height within the individual clips, so you are not fumbling to grasp the rim but get a good hold on the whole of the top of the case. You can either pull up and out, or better still, grasp and flip out through the lips, very speedy and allowing a fast reload or quick chambering.

    You can move the individual clips around the belt and thus space them as you want. This helps if you have differing 12-gauge loads and want to position the different shot sizes or fox and pigeon loads around the belt, so that you do not pick up a wrong case by mistake. Or Sabots and Foster slugs in my case Having a 30-shot capacity is very handy, if a little heavy with slugs! Maximum waist is about 48-inches and this is easily adjusted with conventional friction grip loops and the buckle is a twin prong, quick detachable unit made from the same polymer as the clips.

    Price: £20.36

    Contact: normanclarkgunsmith.com

    Reviewer: Bruce Potts

  • Du-O-Matic 375C 12/20 Shotgun Cartridge Reloading Press

    Du-O-Matic 375C 12/20 Shotgun Cartridge Reloading Press

    Reloading fired shotgun cartridges can be carried out on very primitive equipment but is very labour-intensive and time consuming but can save a considerable amount of money; however, a dedicated, automated reloading press is the way forward. The Du-O-Matic 375C is Ponsness Warren’s single stage reloader and can be used to load both 20- and 12-gauge.

    This smoothly operating single stage reloader uses the same style tooling as more expensive progressive machines, insuring that each shell is given that 'new-outof- the-box' tapered crimp, which Ponsness Warren are known for. This machine will allow the user to load both lead and nontoxic shot, without the need for a conversion kit and users can add a second tooling set to allow another gauge to be loaded. A plug gives access to bushings to allow for inspection and changing instantly. Models are available for reloading all shell sizes.

    Price: £618.00

    Contact: claygame.co.uk

    Reviewer: Graham Allen

  • 12g Detachable Hushpower Choke Moderator

    12g Detachable Hushpower Choke Moderator

    Moderated shotguns are extremely effective when undertaking rabbit and pigeon control and are generally bought ready moderated. The downside is that the shotgun is therefore a very dedicated item, as the silencer units are often permanently fitted and even if they are removable, the barrel is often ported making it impossible to use without the silencer fitted. The Saddlery & Gunroom’s new 12g detachable Hushpower choke moderator has been specifically designed to create a quick and easy way for people to moderate their own shotguns. It is 10¾-inches long and 2-inches in diameter. The easy installation or removal provides an alternative to a permanent Hushpower moderator, while still allowing for significant noise reduction. The user simply unscrews their own choke and screws the moderated choke in; this takes less than 30-seconds. The exterior and front and back bushes are made from powder-coated aluminium, which makes it tough and durable, making the moderator light weight at only 600g, while the baffles are made from steel, ensuring longevity. The choke mod can be fitted to any 12g multi-choke shotgun. Competitively priced, the moderator only costs £160.00 if the purchaser supplies their own extended choke, or Hushpower can supply a choke starting from £30.00. This is a great system, which will no doubt be very popular.

    Price: £160

    Contact: saddleryandgunroom.co.uk

    Reviewer: Graham Allen

  • Shu Equipment Recolor Pad

    Shu Equipment Recolor Pad

    Some shotguns can produce quite harsh recoil and users can sometimes suffer after a prolonged session; a modern recoil pad can really help however. Developed by Italian Olympic Clay shooters, Massimo Fanzaghi and Marco Micheli, the Shu Recolor Pad represents the combination of Hi-Tech Materials and the maker’s shooting experience on the competitive circuit. It is lightweight, durable and made with high compression materials; the Recolor Pad effortlessly absorbs recoil, whilst adding a touch of colour to the shotgun if required and a wide range of colours are available. They are 30% lighter than traditional, Vulcanised rubber and offer enhanced grip, due to the high tech EDM materials. The main plate is made of rigid plastic and the recoil pad is made of elastic material. The real advantage of these pads is that they only weigh 60 grams.

    Price: £29.99

    Contact: sportsmanguncentre.co.uk

    Reviewer: Graham Allen

  • Jack Pyke Canvas Game Bag

    Jack Pyke Canvas Game Bag

    After a successful day in the field, a shotgun shooter will hopefully have plenty of freshlyshot game to take home, so a suitable bag is going to be needed. The Jack Pyke Canvas Game Bag is a traditionally-styled item made from heavy cotton canvas with a washable lining, which is vital if the bag is to remain fresh and hygienic. There is a Nylon netting pouch on the front of the bag, which can be used to cool game before it is placed in the main compartment. The bag features leather straps and piping and has a sturdy buckle to keep the contents secure. Available in brown or green, the game bag is well priced at £47.95.

    Price: £47.95

    Contact: jackpyke.co.uk

    Reviewer: Graham Allen

  • Napier Deluxe Shotgun leaning Kit

    Napier Deluxe Shotgun leaning Kit

    All shotguns need to be kept clean if they are to function safely and reliably and this comprehensive kit is the answer. Made from tough Natex material in forest green with leather trim, this kit is the ultimate in gun care. The tough, zip up case has everything you need to care for your shotgun and is the perfect match and compliment to the Napier Protector range of gun slips/bags and is the ideal way to store your cleaning tools. Each kit contains an aluminium three-piece rod, Ultra clean material, Ultra jag, 125ml Vp90 gun oil and five field patches.

    Price: £64.98

    Contact: napieruk.com

    Reviewer: Graham Allen

  • Clever Mirage 12g Cartridges

    The Clever range of 12-gauge cartridges emanate from Verona, Italy. I had three 12-gauge cartridges to test, Game load, a Trap load and felt wad Clay load too. Each had its own unique blend of statistics and all shot well on the boards.

    Price from: £7.80

    Reviewer: Bruce Potts

  • Mirage Game

    Mirage Game

    This is a 2½-inch or 67mm cartridge with a dark blue plastic case and high brass rim. The head is marked Clever 12g Mirage and you have a six star crimp at the closure with a weld type seal closure. The name on the box is ‘Game’ but the stamping in black on the case is ‘Mirage High Pheasant’. I had the 30-gram fibre wadded load of No. 6 shot size.

    I used a Browning Liberty Light to pattern this load with a ½ choke fitted to the upper barrel. Recoil was manageable, even with the light gun configuration and the 30-gram load shot some nice repeatable even patterns on the boards set up at 30-yards. I had a healthy total of 165 pellet hits on the pattern board. We had a tad sparse 33 pellets within the inner 15-inch circle and the remaining 132 pellets to the outer sectors.

    This load would, as it states, be a good Pheasant load with a group spread of pellets and strikes and also a nice roost shooting load too.

    Price: £7.80 or £248.00 per 1000

  • Mirage Competition

    Mirage Competition

    This is a 70mm or 2¾-inch case, made from a bluish/green colour with high brass rim and star crimp like the Game but this time with an eight star closure. This allows a smooth transition between pellets and cases on firing, as well as even pressures. It also reduces recoil.

    Marked on the side walls with ‘Mirage T2 High Performance High Speed Competition’ and also ‘Trap’; they certainly like to mark these cases!

    I had the 28-gram load with No. 7.5 shot size with a plastic wad called the Maxi Wad to reduce recoil and maximise velocity. A really nice load to shoot again, they seem mild but actually have a good turn of speed, indicated by the almost instant shot and pellet strikes.

    I had a total of 260 pellets hits with an overall dense and even spread. Of these there were 94 inner 15-inch radius strikes, which is superb and the outer regions had 166 pellets, so no clay would pass through this.

    Price: £6.75 or £222.00 per 1000

  • Mirage Felt Wad

    Mirage Felt Wad

    This cartridge has a 2¾-inch or 70mm case length, with dark blue plastic casing and six star crimp closure. The markings are in gold and read ‘Mirage Fibre’. I had the 28-gram loading with No. 8 shot size.

    You have a fibre wad, in fact a felt wad system which is not only environmentally friendly but also allows the shot column to spread more and evenly. This means a high pellet ration to shot weight, great for skeet or close-range vermin.

    On the 30-yard pattern board, the Browning Liberty shot 223 pellets within 30-inches, of which 72 clustered into the inner portion and well distributed and 151 pellets to the outer sectors. Very few holes and easy to shoot well.

    Price: £7.60 or £244.00 per 1000


The Clever range has an odd name and a bit presumptuous but do not be put off, as from the pattern boards can be seen they shoot very well. Offering an alternative from the main-stream cartridges is a good thing.


Mirage Game:
£7.80 or £248.00 per 1000
Mirage Competition: £6.75 or £222.00 per 1000
Mirage Felt Wad: £7.60 or £244.00 per 1000
Contact: garlands.uk.com