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Shotguns at the Northern Shooting Show 2017

A lot of companies showcased their new products at previous shows but there’s always something new to see at The Northern Shooting Show- here’s what caught my shotgunning eye.

  • Fausti


    Last autumn, Fausti found a new UK distributor in the shape of Stag Country Sports, and it was a pleasure to meet owner Tony Laughton, himself a keen shot and an experienced gamekeeper and sporting agent, and to find out how closely he has been working with Fausti to ensure that the guns he imports are as perfectly matched to the UK market as possible. The other side of Tony’s role is to raise awareness among his more affluent UK clients that -in addition to being an accomplished maker of massproduced guns- Fausti also offers a genuine bespoke service. This includes a VIP package in which clients are flown out to Italy, stay in Fausti’s own 5-star resort hotel, and tour the firm’s workshops, where they can meet the craftsmen responsible for creating their guns, have the measurements taken, and finalise their choice of specification, wood and engraving. With his sporting agent’s ‘cap’ on, meanwhile, Tony also organises attractively-priced shooting trips to Namibia that sound perfect for the more independentlyminded sportsman or woman.

  • UTAS

    One other shotgun that caught my eye was a world away from the two previous makes was the UTAS XTR. This matt black AR-style, 12 bore shotgun features a semi-auto action, a length adjustable stock, a 5-round box magazine and an improved cylinder choke and key. Ideal for more ‘Practical’ style shotgunning, the UTAS XTR is £899 from Practical Shooting Supplies.


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